Wednesday, March 2, 2016

And the world came crashing

When the world came crashing
We were hurrying to the goal post,
When I met you, I was brisk and you were slow,
Nothing in between that I would know,
Challenged this bond that we thought to grow,
Hiccups aplenty and common grouse,
Shaken by the thunder that came unannounced,
The world came crashing and we were unaware,
Now, when I look back, I do nothing, just stare

Friday, February 19, 2016

Its a sleepless night and I wander

Its a sleepless night and I wander,
Did I take a lead that I squandered,
Its not new to me that one took a leap of faith,
Only to look back and create clouds around my fate,

If there was just me then I would understand,
Remorse, regret and disappointments that you couldn't withstand,
But that was not the case, still to a decision you raced,
Reminds me of those countless times that I went alone searching for a trace,

Will you, wont you is the question you face,
Risks that I take aren't figments of my own imagination,
Its a sleepless night and I wander in the day,
I look at my own wretched self......... in dismay.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

About you and me

If I start to count,
a zillion thoughts I fail to discount,
when you looked upto me and I to you,
even in fragile times we could pursue,

What was unwritten and merely a chance,
your meeting me was nothing but a fleeting glance,
there were two worlds very different that we knew,
then I dared to take a step into the open space,

You reciprocated to me with a similar grace,
the two worlds still stick around,
while I am with you on a parallel ground,
why will I compare you to someone not in our plane,

There is enough to fathom in you that I wont complain,
in a jiffy, you retreating from an unspoken promise,
the worlds are shaken and we suffer from unwanted disdain,
for matters that were momentary, and lapses akin to a temporary stain,

What is bigger I ask,
you me or the argument that is no more than a farce,
I can hold on to my world and you to yours,
But there is this force that strengthened us and there is no remorse,

In those zillion moments that we spent,
a handful won't cause an irreconcilable dissent,
that I will still need you for those zillion times,
and build a world of ours with nothing but your smile.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Wilderness of my own solitude

Into the twilight we end with the same plight, 
Compromises and adjustments don't feel right,
We both stand upright, running into each other despite,
Promises of being by the side,

Forever and ever this story plays itself, 
Who sacrifices what is still a puzzle,
Communication fails, in front of a wall it wails,
For freedom and redemption which it still trails,
A long time elapsed since this thought prevailed,
Onset of fatigue I fear, still I can't pull myself out, till I fail,
A man in my regards, feeling sorry is fine,
What heals when, to be punctured again, again and again,

Asked to regain and accept, to inflict a mutual pain,
How will the confidence set in, in whom it will, how it will,
Who will sail off my shore, leaving other to explore,
Instead try out with more, easily running from further furore,

Sounds corny but saves you from your unfounded worldly scares,
Might leave us in the lurch, still fosters clarity, reasons good to ignore,
I live by the day that the end is coming, habitual to someone running,
The point of no return looks closer than ever, all thy love is dumped, is stunning,

For comparisons there was never a room,
Present is all that mattered, I again leave everything and roam,
Amidst wilderness of my own solitude,
I have done this time and again, still it feels new,
Pacing myself for another innings, sooner or later,
To look back at compromises we make, for loves sake 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Feels like an era

Feels like an era

There was a time that the night felt young,
All it needed was your smile to prolong,
I would live another day in anticipation,
Greeting you was a form of intimation,
That we survived the fall out of a night so dark,
Yet we search for a convincing spark,
Feels like an era I last excused myself off this rigmarole,
Nervousness grips me today, as a life is being stolen off this soul...

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

In those sixteen kilometers I live a lifetime

A crestfallen heart will always rever, distance it traveled...

In those sixteen kilometers I live a lifetime

In those sixteen kilometers I live a lifetime,
Something precious that every time I need to leave behind,

A destination I rush to when I am fragile,
Because you talk me out of my miseries with a concerned smile,

Not that I am always burdened in search for an elusive destination,
Even then I reach the same address skipping other leisurely station,

In those sixteen kilometers I live a lifetime,
Reality caught up and now even a glimpse of you might just be a crime.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Memories that bind and separate

Those flying planes and shining lights,
From the road we take they impress,
You and I, used to seek these small pleasures,
In an attempt to create memories that last forever,

How much ever You run away from my doorsteps,
There will come a time when we look back,
You and I might still be running down the same highway,
Companions might change but the path of light will not sway,

Memories that once bound us,
Might survive in piecemeal when we lose this thrust,
I am creating a room for I want to lose this baggage,
There might be someone who fills up the vacated space,

What will we gain by holding on,
Ruffled emotions that throw us into an unwanted zone,
You and I willfully squander these chances,
In search of an elusive essential, called peace.